Phishing Reporter

Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter helps users to report the suspicious email for analysis and start an incident investigation with Incident Responder.

To run phishing reporter add-in, make sure you have all pre-requisites of Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime.

The main function of Keepnet Labs Phishing Reporter is to make users to easily report suspicious emails to their incident responder. When a user detects a suspicious email, by clicking on the Suspicious Email Reporter button, he/she reports it to Keepnet incident responder module for analysis. Then, Keepnet investigates this suspicious email either by its own engine or with third-party integrated services. Click to see “ How does an investigation mechanism work?”

Phishing Reporter Outlook Add-in

Benefits to the security operation centre (SOC)

  • It gives the ability to conduct an incident investigation and response without violating the privacy of users.

  • It strengthens the last line of defence by transforming users into “proactive agents” that detect and report attacks.[1]

Benefits to an email user

  • Users report suspicious email with a single click.

  • It allows a user to send a suspicious email to analysis services and get a risk score.

  • Users receive immediate feedback.

  1. It is a way of proactively involving users to protect the institution’s security by getting employees to report suspicious emails.