Callback Simulator

The Callback Simulator allows you to create realistic simulated callback phishing emails that are sent to employees to assess their ability to recognize suspicious emails and their response to attacks that could compromise organizational data and systems.

The product provides the capability to customize and target a callback phishing campaign suited to your organization and to evaluate the results.



Q: How Is the Difficulty Level Determined?

A: The difficulty level for each callback scenario is based on multiple factors, aiming to reflect the intricacy and persuasiveness of the simulated attack. These factors include:

  • Sophistication of Social Engineering Techniques: The use of advanced social engineering tactics, such as creating a sense of urgency, impersonating authority figures, or exploiting recent events, increases the scenario's difficulty.

  • Complexity of Requested Information or Action: The nature of the information or action requested in the callback. Scenarios asking for sensitive or confidential information in a convincing manner are rated as more difficult.

  • Audio Quality and Scripting: The clarity and professionalism of the recorded message left for the callback, including the presence of background noise or other audio cues that might raise suspicion. High-quality recordings with persuasive scripts are marked as more difficult.

Criteria for Difficulty Levels

  • Easy: These scenarios may have obvious flaws, such as poor audio quality, implausible requests, or clear signs of illegitimacy, making them easier for users to identify as fraudulent.

  • Medium: These situations are not too hard and have stories that sound real and clear voice recordings. But, if you pay attention, you can still notice small hints that something is not right.

  • Hard: The most sophisticated scenarios, which use high-quality, convincing audio messages, realistic situations, and advanced social engineering techniques. These require a high level of awareness and experience to detect tactics.

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