Recognition of cooperation and effort can provide valuable incentives and motivation. Certificates that reward employees for performing training exercises can be a valuable part of a company’s plans to ensure security awareness.

This document provides details of options available on the Awareness Educator > Certificates page to create and customize a unique certificate that will be delivered to employees who have completed a training assignment, create default certificates, and view certificates that have already been distributed to your users.

Certificate Page

Table Layout

The components of the Certificates page are explained below.

Certificate Name

Name of the certificate.


Owner of the certificate.


Resellers can view examples of previously distributed certificates.

Date Added

The date that the certificate was created.

Actions > Make Default

When this option is activated, the selected certificate will be sent automatically to users who complete an assigned training exercise.

Actions > Edit

Customize the certificate.

Actions > Preview

Review the details of the certificate.

Actions > Duplicate

Duplicate the certificate and create a copy of it with the same settings.

How to Create a Certificate

Please follow the steps to create training.

  • Click the +NEW button on the Certificates page.

  • You will be prompted to provide the Training Certificate Information details below:

    • Certificate Name: Enter the name of the certificate.

    • Description: Enter a brief description of the certificate.

    • Make Available For: This feature is available only to admins who have a reseller role and wish to make this certificate available to other companies for them to use as well.

    • Certificate Template: Click the Edit button to update the company logo, add text, or modify the template's appearance.

Click Save to save your new certificate. Once created, the certificate will populate under the Certificates page.

How to make a default Certificate

To make an existing certificate the default certificate, click on the “︙” under Actions and select Make Default. A star icon will appear next to the certificate name to signify that the certificate has been made a default.

Why should I make the Certificate Default

A default certificate setting provides for the automatic delivery of a simple yet valuable moment of recognition to employees who complete the training assignment. The certificate can be customized as desired. If no default setting has been made, the admin will be alerted.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial provides details of options available on the Awareness Educator > Certificates.


Q: Can I customize the certificate template?

A: Yes. You can customize the certificate using options available on the Awareness Educator > Certificate menu.

Q: How many certificates can I create?

A: You can create as many as you wish.

Q: In which condition are my employees awarded a certificate?

A: Users will receive a certificate upon completion of the training item. This may include a test component or simply viewing a video.

Q: Certificates do not arrive to users

A: The following steps can be checked for troubleshooting.

  • Please make sure if certificate option has been enabled before you send the training from the training report.

  • Please make sure the users completed the training in order to receive the certificate.

  • If the certificate is enabled, users completed and delivered to the major of users but haven't been delivered to a few users, please check your email server logs for troubleshooting.

  • If the certificate emails haven't been delivered to all users although the users complete the training, please contact the support team for further troubleshooting.

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