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Email communication is part of our daily life and it’s very important. Cybercriminals know this and steal your data via emails by sending messages that mimic an organization and make you believe that the email is legitimate. They make you to click on a phishing link to steal your credentials or download malware onto your computer.

In our daily email communications, we receive hundreds of emails, and some of these could be phishing attempts. Identifying a suspicious email as phishing requires a high level of technical cybersecurity knowledge and at least 3 hours (according to Gartner) to analyze.

Because of this challenging process, Keepnet has developed the Free Phishing Email Analysis Service that analyzes uploaded emails 168 times within 2 minutes with more than 20 email analysis services, including the URLs, Attachments, Sender SMTP IP, and Headers. This service quickly analyzes your uploaded email and then provides you with a detailed, comprehensive analysis report, so you can see if your email is phishing or not.

Secure your inbox with just a few clicks.

How to Use Free Phishing Email Analysis Service

Please follow these steps to learn how to use the free phishing email analysis tool.

  1. Download your email to your computer as .eml or .msg.

    1. For Gmail users, please open your email, click on three-dot icon on the top right hand-side, click Download Message.

    2. For Outlook users, please open your email, click on File tab and then click Save As, select Type as Outlook Message Format (*.msg), click Save.

  2. Upload your email to the service.

  3. Enter your business email address to receive a full email analysis report.

  4. Click the Analyze button to analyze your email and get your detailed report in minutes.

To understand the details of each menu or any information on your detailed report, please go to the following section.

How to Understand Free Phishing Email Analysis Report

Please see the details of your email analysis report and understand each menu and information effectively.

  • Details: Find specifics like To, From, Subject, Sender IP, URL Count, Geolocation, and a Sender IP Blacklist Check.

  • Header: Analyze the Relay Information, Found Headers, and Received Header information.

  • Email Preview: Preview your original email.

  • URLs: Check the analyzed links to see if they are safe or flagged as phishing.

  • Attachments: Examine analyzed attachments to see if they are safe or flagged as malicious.

  • Share Your Report: If you wish, click the SHARE button to send the report results to up to 5 email addresses or copy the link to share it via the copied link.

  • Scan Another Email: To analyze a new email, click the Scan Another button at the top of the page.


Q: What files can I upload?

A: You can upload .eml or .msg files up to 10 MB.

Q: Is there a limit on how many emails I can check?

A: No limit. Feel free to check as many emails as you need.

Q: Can I share the report?

A: Yes, you can share the report results with up to 5 email addresses directly from the tool or copy the link to share it as you prefer

Q: What about privacy?

A: The specifics about data handling and privacy can be checked here.

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