This section provides details of the resources available on the Awareness Educator > Enrollments page. These include the ability to review or edit the details of training reports and the users who are enrolled, view the status of enrolled users (completed, not completed, in progress), and access report functions.


Table Layout

The table layout of the Training Library page is explained below. Understand the details of each column in the training library page.

Enrollment Name

Name of the enrollment.


In All Types category, select the type of training and filter:

  • Training (SCORM): List all the training content in scorm type.

  • Poster: List all the training poster content in PDF format.

  • Screensaver: List all the screensaver training content.

  • Infographic: List all the infographic training content.

  • Learning Path: List all the learning path training content.

Meterial Name

Name of the original training file, for example, the name of the initially uploaded ZIP file for training, posters, and other materials.


Category used to classify the training topic

Target Audience

Target audience for the training item


Languages made available for the training item

Enrolled By

Company name that is created the training item

Start Date

Date and time the enrollment item was created


The status of the training item.

  • Auto-Enroll: The auto-enroll feature is enabled. New users who are added to the group listed in this enrollment will receive the training automatically.

  • Sending: The delivery is in progress to all target users.

  • Finished: The training has been delivered to all target users.

  • Scheduled: The training has been scheduled for automatic delivery on a specific date and time.

  • Error: An error occurred while sending the training to the target users. Please contact support team for more information.

  • Stopped: The enrollment has been stopped by an admin.

  • Scorm Proxy: The enrollment has been set up to deliver training through the customer's LMS platform.


The number of successful and undelivered training emails. For more information, please view the report and go to the Sending Report menu.

Delivery Type

The enrollment has been sent via email only or email + SMS together.

Target Users

The User Groups option indicates that the training item has been launched to target groups.

The By Campaign option indicates that the training item has been launched based on a phishing campaign report.


Tags assigned to the training item to facilitate search efforts

Actions > Send

Immediately send the training enrollment without waiting the scheduled date and time.

Actions > Edit

Customize the settings like the training reminder frequency, auto-enrollment setting, and mark the item as a test, among other options.

Actions > Stop

For the users who haven't received the training yet, you can stop training delivery for those users.

Actions > Auto-Enroll

Disable the auto-enroll feature and stop the training email to be sent to the newly added users in the selected target group.

Actions > Stop Reminder

Disable and stop reminder emails being sent to the users who didn't complete the training.

Actions > Preview

Preview the training meterials.

Actions > Delete

It will be stored in the archive for one month before being automatically and permanently deleted. You can restore before one month from the Enrollments > Trash menu.

Filtering Opitons

Use the filtering options:

  • Set as default filter: Set a default filter to apply automatically every time you visit the page.

  • Restore default filter: Restore your filters to the default.

  • Clear filters: Clear all the filters and use the default system filters.

How to View Training Report

You can see user engagements with training content. On the Enrollments page, simply select an enrollment and click the View Report button to access enrollment statistics. The training reports help you to understand employees' enrollment status, completion rates, and many more statistics, which help you plan future security awareness training improvements.

Please click here for more information about training reports.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial provides details of the resources available on the Awareness Educator > Enrollments page.


Q: Can I stop an Enrollment?

A: Yes, you can permanently stop ongoing enrollment.

Q: Where can I find more information about the training report?

A: Click here to go to the training report documentation.

Q: What happens if I delete the training enrollment report?

A: The training report will be moved to the "Trash" menu in the enrollment page for 30 days before it's deleted by the system permanently. After the enrollment is deleted, the target users won't be able to view the training as well and the other settings (reminder, auto-enroll etc) will no longer work for that training enrollment.

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