Phishing Simulator Widgets

Your license model determines which widgets are available on the dashboard.

This widget shows a summary graph of the overall performance of your phishing campaign for the last 6 months. The graph is organized by the number of users(Y-axis) and date(X-axis). The widget represents how many users have fallen to the phishing campaign for Click Only, Data Submission, and Attachment types of campaigns.

You can view your phishing campaign reports by clicking on the Campaign Reports shortcut.

Recent Campaigns

This widget shows the name of the last five phishing campaigns, the launch date of the campaign, and the current stats (no response, clicked, opened, submitted). You can go to report the campaign by clicking on the name of the campaign.

You can click ALL shortcuts to go to the campaign reports page to view all phishing campaigns.

Most Phished Users

This widget shows the names of the top five phished users for all the time, their email addresses, and the number of times they’ve been phished. The number of times is unique. As an example, if it says five that means the user received five unique phishing campaigns and phished to all five campaigns.

Most Engaged Users

This widget shows the names of the last five phishing campaigns that have the most successfully phished users and the number of phished users. You can view the campaign report by clicking on the name of the campaign.

Top Phishing Simulation Reporters

This widget shows the names of the top five users that report phishing simulation emails, the email of the user, and the number of reported emails. It won’t matter if the user phished and then reported the email or not phished and reported the emails, both actions will be shown on the widget.

The campaign reports which has been Marked As Test will not be included in the widgets.

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