Syslog Integration

This document will provide the details of Syslog integration to send Audit Logs data from the platform to the Syslog server for log/alert management. The Syslog CEF format allows you to send data and application events to a Syslog server over UDP and TCP protocols.

The steps and guidance provided below will ensure a successful integration.

Integration Steps

From the left menu go to Company Settings > SIEM Integrations and click the + NEW button and provide the information requested.

Integration Name

Enter a SIEM configuration name

History Logs

Select this option to ensure that all data in the audit log will be transferred to your SIEM solution

If this feature is inactive, only the audit log data recorded after defining the SIEM integration will be transferred to your SIEM solution

Integration Type

Select the integration type as Syslog


Enter the server address of your Syslog application

Test Connection

Test the connection to be sure it works correctly

If you selected UDP as protocol, you need to confirm the connection test by viewing the test log on your Syslog solution.

CEF Format Details

The Common Event Format (CEF) standard format, developed by ArcSight, enables vendors and their customers to quickly integrate their product information into ArcSight ESM.

The following example illustrates a general CEF message using syslog transport:

Base CEF Format: CEF:Version|Platform Name|ModuleName|ProductVersion|Operation|OperationType|Severity|EventId

Sample CEF Log Entry: CEF:0|Keepnet Labs|Incident Responder|1.0|Update|Update|Low| eventId=4722914

CEF Format Fields Description

This section provides detailed information about how the CEF fields have been mapped from the platform event fields in the sample log described above.

CEF Extension FieldNameDescription


Source IP Address

Platform IP Address



Shows affected asset names in the platform



Shows data before change happens



Show data after the change happens



Shows the label name of cs1


Old Value

Shows the label name of cs2


New Value

Shows the label name of cs3

Explanation of CEF Extension Fields

The example of the data contained in the fields specified in the above table is listed below.

  • Field src

    • src=

  • Field cs1

    • SystemUser

  • Field cs2

    • {"PropertyName":"Email","OldValue":"","NewValue":""},{"PropertyName":"FirstName","OldValue":"Andrei","NewValue":"Andrei"},{"PropertyName":"LastName","OldValue":"Kruchev","NewValue":"Kruchev"},{"PropertyName":"NormalizedEmail","OldValue":"","NewValue":""},{"PropertyName":"NormalizedUserName","OldValue":"","NewValue":""},{"PropertyName":"PhoneNumber","OldValue":"","NewValue":""},{"PropertyName":"UserName","OldValue":"","NewValue":""}]

  • Field cs3

    • {"ResourceId":"lveGT1ZwCkmn","FirstName":"Andrei","LastName":"Kruchev","CompanyId":1,"CreateTime":"2022-01-29T13:31:23.959869","UpdateTime":"2022-01-29T13:40:45.2323091Z","DeleteTime":null,"CreatedBy":1,"UpdatedBy":0,"DeletedBy":null,"IsDeleted":false,"StatusId":1,"TypeId":1,"Id":1945,"UserName":"","NormalizedUserName":"","Email":"","NormalizedEmail":"","EmailConfirmed":true,"PasswordHash":"","SecurityStamp":"","ConcurrencyStamp":"*****","PhoneNumber":"","PhoneNumberConfirmed":false,"TwoFactorEnabled":false,"LockoutEnd":null,"LockoutEnabled":false,"AccessFailedCount":0}

Control Phase

In order to make sure that the integration works and logs are being transferred from the platform to the Syslog solution properly, a test is advised.

  • After performing the integration, click the Start Searching button on the Syslog administration panel or use the grep function on Linux distributions.

  • When you click the Test Connection button on the platform, you can see this request or other platform logs in the Search field on the Syslog administration panel.

  • Filter logs with the parameter Device Vendor = Keepnet Labs to find the test connection log easily.

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