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This section explains all the functions and features of the user profile section. You can find it on the top of the left menu where you will see the company name, user name, company logo after logging into the platform.

Detailed information is available below about the drop-down menu when you click on the user profile.

Switch Company

Switch between the company profiles you manage as an admin. Click the "Show all companies" button to list all the companies under your company.

Return to Main Account

You can switch from the companies you manage to the parent company profile.


You can set Timezone, Date/Time Format for your user profile to help you understand and manage the platform easily; schedule campaign, start an investigation, etc. in your timezone, date, and time format.

Timezone helps you see all dates in your selected timezone on the platform interface.

Date and time format selection automatically change the date and time format on the platform user interface.


Multi-factor Authentication: You can enable/disable MFA for your account. Click here for more information.

Login Password: You can change your password here.


Click here to log out of the platform.

The Switch Company and Return To Main Account features are available only for the Reseller role.

Video Tutorial

This tutorial explains all the functions and features of the user profile section.


Q: Is it possible to disable MFA?

A: After the first 15 days, MFA is required, and you cannot turn it off.

Q: Is it possible to have separate timezones, dates, and time formats for each user?

A: Yes, each user can choose these settings as they wish.

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