Callback Templates

The Callback Templates page will show you all the available templates you have to send to your target users. From this page, you can create, edit, or delete any callback templates that you would like.

Callback Templates Lists

The components of the Vishing Template page are explained below.

How to Create a Callback Template

Follow the steps below to create a new callback template.

  • Click on the +NEW button on the Callback Templates page.

  • On the Template Info page, complete the following fields:

    • Select the difficulty level: The difficulty rating for the template

    • Template name: Name of the callback template

    • Description: The brief description for the template

    • Tags: Tags assigned to the template to facilitate search efforts

  • If you’re a Reseller, you can choose what companies this template is available for

  • Click Next

  • On the Dialog Settings page complete the following fields:

    • Select the Language and Voice that the callback template will be voiced in

    • Enter a message for the Caller Greeting. The caller is expected to enter a 6-digit phishing code at the end of the call greeting message.

    • Enter the Steps that define your callback template

      • Select Text-To-Speech or MP3 steps to create your callback campaign.

        • Text-to-speech: The text written by the admin will be narrated by the AI in the chosen language and voice.

        • MP3 Audio File: The mp3 voice file will be played to the end user.

        • Pause: The call will be held on in silence in seconds after the previous step is completed before the second step is played.

      • Next, enter the number of number digits that the end user will have to enter to move on to the next step.

        • Leave by default zero if no required digit must be dialed by the end user for the related step.

      • You need to choose one step, β€œDigit Entering Step”, in order to mark the end user as phished on the report if the user comes to the related marked step.

      • Finally, complete the fields for Invalid Dialing Notice. This notice will be played when the user fails to enter the requested amount of digits correctly.

        • Under Methods, select if you would like to use voice to text or if you would like to upload an mp3 file.

          • If you select the voice-to-text option, enter the text for the AI to narrate

  • Once you are happy with your template, click Save.

You can add up to five steps for your callback template.

Utilizing Merge Tags in Callback Templates

Here's a list of merge tags to help you make your callback template more personal. Adding these tags can make your phishing campaign more tailored to the recipient.

Video Tutorial

Callback Templates are designed to create voice phishing steps for your target audience. You can see how to create, edit, and delete the callback templates from the following video.


Q: Can I restore a deleted template?

A: No. Once an item has been deleted, it is no longer available.

Q: Can I use a different file type than MP3 for the Invalid Dial Notice?

A: No. The platform only supports MP3.

Q: Can I upload an MP3 file with a size of more than 1MB?

A: No. The platform only supports MP3 files of 1MB size.

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