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This section describes the capabilities and features of the threat simulation reports that can be generated using the Email Threat Simulator > Scan > Report button.

The components of the Scan Reports page are explained below.


The Summary provides a brief synopsis of the threat scan and options for further action.

Summary Widgets

Total Attacks Sent

The number of emails sent to the target email address.

Secure Endpoints

The number of emails successfully blocked by email security solutions.

Insecure Endpoints

The number of emails that could not be blocked by email security solutions

Unchecked Emails

The number of emails not checked by the platform because the automated scan was not enabled or authentication of a target email account failed

Scan Info

Start Date

The date and time the scan of a target email address was initiated


The status of the scan: completed, continuous or in progress


The attack vector target email address

Threat Scan Score

The score is calculated based on the number of emails determined to be insecure and the severity value of the risk posed by these emails.


The attack vectors are listed by attack type or by email status: Malicious Attachments, Ransomware Samples or Insecure Emails.

Attacks Sent

This section provides a summary report of the attack vectors exploited to target an email address.

Attack Vector

The name of the attack vector


The type of the attack vector


Send status of the attack vector: in progress, successful, or error In Progress: The attack vector email is in the queue to be sent. Successful: The attack vector email was sent successfully. Error: An error occurred in the delivery of the attack vector.


The results of the attack: Secure, Insecure or Unchecked. Secure: The attack vector was sent successfully but not delivered. Insecure: The attack vector was sent successfully and delivered to the inbox. Unchecked: The attack vector might be sent successfully but delivery is not checked.

Email Sent Date

Date and time that attack vector email was sent to the target email address.


Q: Can I download a list of the attack vectors sent?

A: Yes. You can download an .xls or a .csv report that provides a detailed list of the attack vectors launched using the Download button.

Q: Can I export reports into my own reporting tool (e.g., Qlik Sense, Tableau, PowerBI)?

A: Yes. You can transfer all of our reports through an API. This flexibility allows you to use the information as needed to suit your business.

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