Scheduled Reports

The Scheduled Reports feature allows administrators to automate the delivery of executive reports. This feature ensures that up-to-date, comprehensive reports of your organization's human risk management activities are regularly sent to specified email inboxes. This automation is particularly useful for keeping executives informed without the need for manual intervention.

Scheduled Reports Components

The components of the Scheduled Reports page are explained below.

Schedule Name

The name given to the scheduled report for easy identification.

Report Name

The specific name of the executive report that will be sent.


How often the report is scheduled to be sent (e.g., One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).


The current status of the scheduled report (e.g., Active, Inactive).

Date Created

The date when the scheduled report was created.

Last Send Date

The most recent date and time when the report was sent.

Next Send Date

The upcoming date and time when the report is scheduled to be sent next.


Available actions for the scheduled report:

  • View Report: View the details of the selected executive report.

  • Edit: Make changes to the scheduled report settings.

  • Duplicate: Create a copy of the scheduled report with the same settings.

  • Set as inactive: Deactivate the scheduled report to be delivered to recipients.

  • Delete: Delete the scheduled report permanently.

How to Create Scheduled Reports

  • Log in to the platform.

  • Go to the Advanced Report menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

  • Select Scheduled Reports from the dropdown.

  • Click on the + NEW button to create a new scheduled report.

  • Fill in schedule report details:

    • Schedule Name: Enter a name for your scheduled report.

    • Frequency: Select how often you would like to send this report (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time).

    • Report Type: Choose the type of report you want to schedule. For executive reports, select Executive Report.

    • Report: Select the specific executive report you want to schedule from the list of saved reports.

    • Schedule: Specify the delivery date and time for the report.

      • Enable Region-Aware Time Zone Delivery: Send scheduled report emails based on the target users' time zones. Users without a defined time zone will receive the email based on the organization's main time zone.

  • Specify Recipients:

    • Send to Email: Enter the email addresses where the report should be sent. You can add multiple email addresses.

    • Send to Target Group: Select target groups if you want to send the report to predefined target groups.

  • Click the Save button to finalize the scheduling of your report.

How to Edit or Delete Scheduled Reports

Go to the Advanced Report > Scheduled Reports menu and then click on the Delete button under the Action column to delete the preferred scheduled report. To Edit the scheduled report, please click on the Edit button.

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