This section describes how to create custom roles to restrict platform access usage for system users. The platform provides default roles such as Company Admin and Reseller for system users to use on the platform. The admin has the option to restrict system users’ activities on the platform.

Roles Home Page

Go to Company > System Users > Roles menu. This menu will list all the default roles and custom roles. The admin can create, view, edit or delete the roles.

The fields of the roles page are explained below.

Role Name

Name of the role


Number of users assigned to the role


The type of the custom role, it can be Custom or System. The Custom is created by the company and the System is provided by the Platform or Reseller.

Date Created

The date that the role was first created

Actions > Edit

Edit the role to customize

Action > Delete

Delete the role. The users must be unassigned from this role for an admin to delete the role successfully.

How to Create a New Role

Go to Company Settings > System Users > Roles then click the New button. This will bring you to the page where you will define the role name, descriptions, and permissions with the following fields.

Role Title

The name of the custom role


A brief description of the role

Make available For

Choose the companies and/or company groups that will have this role available. This option is only available to Reseller accounts.


Search permissions to assign to the role.


Select the permissions to make available. You can see the permissions available in the table below.

Permissions Available

For each permission, you can select the full field or specific sub-fields within the permission to the platform.

Permission Field

Sub Field(s)

Threat Sharing

  • Communities

  • Incidents

Phishing Simulation

  • Phishing Simulation

    • Email Templates

    • DNS Services

    • Domain Records

    • Landing Page

    • Templates

    • Phishing Scenario

    • Phishing Campaign

    • Phishing Campaign Job

    • Phishing Campaign Report

    • Exclude IP Address

Awareness Educator

  • Certificates

  • Enrollments

  • Training List

  • Training Reports

Incident Responder

  • Integrations

    • Cross Company Integration

  • Investigations

  • Incident Responder

    • Reported Emails

  • Playbook

  • Mail Configurations

Phishing Reporter Add in

  • Phishing Reporter

    • Settings

    • User


  • Audit Log

  • Companies

  • Widgets

    • ROI Settings

  • Company Groups

  • System Users

    • User Roles

    • People

    • Account

  • Company Settings

    • SMTP Settings

    • Notification Templates

    • REST API

    • White Labeling

    • Proxy Settings

    • SAML Settings

    • SCIM Settings

    • SIEM Integrations

    • LDAP Integration

  • Job Log

Once you select the permissions for your new role, click Save button and the new role will populate on the Roles page.

How to Add a User to a Role

Go to the Company > System Users page to assign the custom role to the system users, simply by editing the system users and updating the role. The system user will have a custom role and depending on the custom role permissions, the system user can manage the platform.

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