Release Notes

July 2020

Here are some freshly added features and improvements:

  • ETS

    1. Implemented a Quick Scan API

    2. GSuite, Profiles, and Advanced Scan fixes & improvements are made.

  • Investigations

    1. When a deleted email is tried to send analysis, a warning message is displayed to the user as a deleted email shall not be sent to the analysis.

  • Training Reports

    1. In multi-company selection, the remove icon is renewed to the trash can instead of displaying a large X.

    2. An error fixed that causes the warning messages displayed twice after clicking the send button.

    3. Updated warning messages for each type of training resend operations to define the operation in a much more clear/obvious way.

  • Training List

    1. Added a chip display in the search bar when clicked System Training category.

    2. Fixed an error of duplicate listing of the Custom category.

    3. Added training items are listed latest to oldest for company admin (language selection are also applied here, English first)

    4. Fixed an error on the search bar.

    5. Fixed some UI bugs.

  • General

    1. Migrated jQuery to v2 to v3.5 for fixing vulnerabilities of jQuery.

    2. Fixed some IDOR vulnerabilities.

    3. Data research completed. Company Info encryption in database PoC completed.

    4. Offboarding application for production PoC completed.

    5. For LDAP integrations, name and surname fields are separated.

  • User KPI’s

    1. The training score is displayed 50 for newly added users. Implemented a feature to display as 0.

  • Playbook

    1. Fixed an error that causes saved investigation scan types not to display when editing.

    2. Fixed an error on notifying user action.

  • Phishing Scenarios

    1. Fixed the error when on attachments that prevent saving the template for *.xlsm files.

    2. URL Clone feature is improved. No need to refresh the page now.

    3. Editor file upload support.

    4. Fixed some UI bugs.

October 2020

- SCIM settings page implemented. - Training marked as test excluded from dashboard statistics. - Implemented sending Campaign finished emails only to campaign creator. - Forgot password page white labeling - Implemented shortcode usage in training enrollment email's subject in notification templates. - New dashboard search problems fixed by adding a search button. - Page state kept when there is a validation error on the phishing scenario create / edit page. - When company admin creates a new phishing scenario, redirection changed to edit instead of the list page submitting initial info. - Removed set default checkbox on the company settings page for time zone. It automatically picks up the selected time zone for the company on the pages like the campaign start page. - When training sent to multi groups, if an email address exists on multiple groups, it had enrolled various times—fixed for single enrollment. - Improved performance of the training list page. - Training & Target User API s implemented. - Implemented role cloning for system users. - Fixed various bugs.