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Executive Summary

Keepnet's Advanced Reporting feature introduces the "Industry Benchmark Report," a powerful tool designed to assess and compare an organization's phishing risk scores against various industry benchmarks. This innovative report allows organizations, MSPs, and MSSPs to evaluate their vulnerability to different phishing tactics, including email phishing, quishing, smishing, vishing, and callback phishing, by leveraging aggregated industry data.

Purpose of the Report

The Industry Benchmark Report aims to provide organizations with a clear, data-driven overview of their phishing risk score compared to peers in the same sector or across multiple industries. This comparative insight is crucial for quantifying human cyber risks.

Key Features

  1. Customizable Industry Selection: Users can tailor the report to compare their organization's phishing risk scores with those of specific industries, multiple sectors simultaneously, or the entirety of known industries with available data on the Keepnet platform.

  2. Comprehensive Phishing Risk Assessment: The report offers an in-depth analysis of specific phishing threats such as quishing, smishing, vishing, callback phishing, MFA phishing, and email phishing, as well as an aggregated risk score for overall phishing vulnerability.

  3. Aggregate and Individual Analysis: The report provides a consolidated average phishing risk score for the company and comparative industry averages. This dual perspective helps benchmark against broader industry norms while focusing on individual organizational performance.

  4. Utility for MSP/MSSP Partners: MSPs and MSSPs can leverage this report to monitor the phishing risk scores of their sub-companies or select an individual company for a more granular industry benchmark comparison. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing and reporting across multiple clients.

Please visit the Phishing Risk Score page to learn how it is calculated.

How to Create an Industry Benchmark Report

Creating an Industry Benchmark Report on Keepnet’s platform is straightforward.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting Section: Start by accessing the main menu of the Keepnet platform. From there, click on 'Reports' and then choose 'Advanced Reports'.

  2. Explore Report Options: You'll see various types of reports listed under two sub-menus. Review these options to determine which report best fits your needs.

  3. Generate Your Report: Once you've selected the appropriate report type, click the 'CREATE REPORT' button for that specific report. This will open a setup wizard or form where you can specify the details and parameters of the report you wish to generate.

  4. Define Report Parameters: Fill in the necessary details such as the type of phishing attacks (e.g., email phishing, smishing, etc.), industry benchmarks, and any specific data ranges or entities (like individual companies or industry-wide comparisons).

  5. Submit and Process: After setting your parameters, submit the information to generate the report. The system will process the data according to your specifications and produce a comprehensive benchmark report.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create detailed and customized reports to enhance your organization's phishing defense strategy and compare your security posture against industry benchmarks.

The industry average will be calculated using the formula:

Industry Avg = Total Risky Actions / Number of Companies


Keepnet's Industry Benchmark Report is a transformative tool for organizations to understand and improve their human risk management strategy. By providing detailed, comparative insights against a backdrop of industry-wide data, it empowers organizations to make informed decisions and enhances their resilience against a variety of phishing threats. This report is not only a measure of current performance but also a roadmap for achieving a stronger, more secure operational stance.

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