Data Privacy

At Keepnet Labs, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. This document provides detailed information on our privacy practices, especially regarding the handling of sensitive data such as email addresses, usernames, and similar fields.

To configure the data privacy, navigate to Company > Company Settings > Privacy > Data Privacy from the main menu.

Password Security

  • Confidentiality of Passwords: We assure you that full passwords are never transferred or stored on our platform. This approach is critical for maintaining the security and integrity of your account.

Handling of Email Addresses, Usernames, and Similar Fields

We understand the importance of flexibility and privacy in handling your personal information. Therefore, we offer two options for displaying and storing your email address, username, and similar fields:

Please select one of the options below.

  • Display Data As It Is:

    • Description: Your email address, username, and other similar fields are displayed in their complete form.

    • Example: An email like will be shown exactly as

    • Suitability: This option is ideal if you prefer straightforwardness and easy recognition of your information.

  • Mask Original Data:

    • Description: For enhanced privacy, your information will be partially obscured.

    • Example: An email such as would appear as a***********m.

    • Irreversibility Warning: It's important to note that once you opt for data masking, the process cannot be reversed. This irreversible action adds an extra layer of privacy but reduces direct readability.

Making Your Choice

You will be prompted to select your preferred display option for your email address, username, and similar fields when setting up or updating your profile on our platform.

Keep in mind that the decision to mask your data is permanent and should be made after careful consideration.


Your privacy is our top priority. We provide clear and secure options for how your personal data, including email addresses, usernames, and similar fields, is handled and displayed on our platform.

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