How to Deploy Add-In in Microsoft 365

There are 2 key steps to deploying the Phishing Reporter Add-in in Microsoft 365: Deploy and Configure.

Step 1: Deploy Custom Add-in

  1. Log in to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and go to Add-ins.

  2. Select Deploy Add-in and click Next.

  3. Under Deploy a custom add-in, click Download custom apps.

  4. Select I have the manifesto.xml file.

  5. Click Upload.

Step 2. Configure Add-in

  1. Assign the users who will have access to the add-in. We recommend selecting Everyone so the add-in will be installed on every user under the Microsoft 365 tenant.

  2. Select Deployment Method. We recommend selecting Fixed which is the default option.

  3. Click Deploy.

You will receive an email notification confirming your successful deployment. It may take up to 24 hours for the add-in to be displayed on the users' email applications. Users may need to relaunch email applications.

​✅ You have now deployed the Phishing Reporter.

Next step is to Setup Incident Responder (only for customers who have purchased the Incident Responder or SOC package)

Video Tutorial

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