Step 1. Download Phishing Reporter

Step 1.

To download the Phishing Reporter, go to the Phishing Reporter tab on the left hand side and select Configure Add-in (or click on Settings).​

Step 2.

On the first settings page, Add-in Settings, is where you can customise how the Phishing Reporter appears in your employees inbox including:

  • Logo

  • Button labels

  • Messages users receive when reporting emails

Step 3.

Your Email Settings page is where you select who will be notified about suspicious emails and the email you want them to receive. You can add as many emails as you would like here.

Step 4.

Proxy: If users are accessing the internet through a proxy, you can enable the plugin to detect the proxy configuration of the computer where it will be installed.

API: If you require any changes to be made to the API settings, please let our support team know on

Enterprise Vault: When selected, the suspicious email can be searched in the user's backup emails during the investigation. (Only for MSI phishing reporter add-in)

Step 5.

The Diagnostic Tool provides information about the status of the add-in. For example, if the add-in has been disabled by a user, the Diagnostic Tool can be used to ensure automatic activation or make system admins aware.

The Diagnostic Tool is designed only for use on Outlook Desktop add-in with the MSI extension. When the add-in is distributed over Office 365 or Google Workspace, it is automatically installed and active for all users.

Step 6.

You will then need to Download the add-in for the environment compatible with your setup. Once downloaded you can follow the Deployment steps.​ ​

✅ You have now customised and downloaded the Phishing Reporter.

Now, go to Deployment ➡️

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