Whitelist for Office 365

The below instructions will show you how to whitelist the emails such as notification, training, or phishing simulation emails that will be sent from the platform to users by whitelisting Domains in the O365 environment in the Safe Links feature.

This step is suggested to prevent any false clicks on training or phishing reports.

To complete this procedure, you must have security administrator privileges with the Microsoft Security & Compliance Center or be a member of the Microsoft Exchange Online Organization Management administrator group.

  1. Find the list of the phishing simulator domains in Phishing Simulator > Settings > Domains.

  2. Sign into the Microsoft Security & Compliance Center.

  3. Click Policies and rules from the left sidebar menu, click Threat Policies and select Safe Links.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Add a name and description for your safe links policy and click Next.

  6. Select your company domain to be included in this policy and click Next.

  7. Deselect the Track user clicks option.

  8. Add the phishing domains by using *.domain.com/* wildcard syntax to the Do not rewrite the following URLs section.

  9. Click the Next button and select Submit to complete the process.

You have now Whitelist Domains so your target users can successfully open Keepnet email links. Please also Whitelist in your security solutions if you haven't already.

Next step is to Setup your Phishing Reporter ➡️

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