White Labeling

White labeling is the rebranding of a product or service. Distributors and MSP partners can create a unique, customized corporate identity for the platform, including the company name, platform access URL, platform logos, notification template logos, footer links, and many other fields.

How to White Labeling

After logging in to the platform, select Company > Company Settings from the left sidebar menu. Click the White Labeling tab. Here, you can select various customization options and save your choices by clicking the Save Changes button at the bottom of the window.
To return to the default settings at any time, click the Reset to Default button on the right at the bottom of the window.

Fields Available for White Labeling

Brand Name
You can remove the name of the provider company and replace it with another brand name.
Main Domain
The domain name used to access the platform can be changed with a new DNS record. You can contact the support team if you need help creating a DNS record.
Main Logo
The logo that appears in the main menu.
Minimized Menu Logo
The logo image that appears when the main menu is minimized.
The logo that appears in the browser tab.
Notification Template Logo
The logo used in all of the notification templates.
Support Email Address
The contact address for the support team.
Footer Links
The links given at the bottom of any page on the platform.
Privacy Policy
The link for the privacy policy.
Terms and Conditions
The link for the terms and conditions page.
The link for the end-user license agreement.
Cookie Policy
The link for the cookie policy.
Release Information
Platform version number: The most recent version number, which is displayed on the right side at the bottom. Platform release notes: The changelog of updates and improvements displayed on the left side at the bottom.


Q: I am a reseller and I have white labeled the platform, will my customers use my brand when they log in to the portal?

A: Yes, if you have white labeled the platform, all of your customers will only see your brand when they login to the platform.

Q: I am a reseller who would like to white label the platform for multiple customers. Is that possible?

A: Yes, a reseller may white label the platform for each customer individually. There is no limit.
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