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This documentation introduces the functions and features of Keepnet Labs' AI-based Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulation Products tailored to stop modern phishing attacks.
The document covers all aspects of Keepnet’s Consolidated Human Risk Management Platform, which not only addresses traditional phishing methods but also provides robust defenses against more complex attacks such as Vishing (Voice Phishing), Smishing (SMS Phishing), MFA Phishing (Multi-Factor Authentication), Quishing (QR code phishing), and Callback Phishing (Telephone Oriented Attack Delivery).
Our documentation ensures you get maximum value from our products. It comprehensively covers its core functionalities and detailed features, providing clear, step-by-step instructions for effective utilization.

Target Audience

Our documentation is tailored to cater to a diverse range of users within organizations. It caters to the needs of the HR team, IT team, Compliance team, and SOC team. The platform allows these teams to utilize the products effectively, whether it's sending training to users, analyzing and containing email threats, or managing human risk within the organization.

Purpose of the documentation

The primary purpose of our documentation is to empower customers to independently use our products without relying heavily on the Keepnet Labs support team. We provide comprehensive resources, including articles, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides, to ensure customers have the knowledge and tools to make the most of our platform's capabilities.

The scope of the documentation

The documentation covers an extensive scope, encompassing details about various products within the Keepnet Labs ecosystem. It includes the Dashboard, Threat Intelligence, Awareness Educator, Phishing Simulator, Vishing Simulation, Email Threat Simulator, Smishing Simulator, Quishing Simulator, Threat Sharing, and Incident Responder. Each product's functionalities, features, and usage guidelines are explained to help users understand and utilize them effectively.

The structure of the documentation

To ensure a seamless experience, our documentation is structured in alignment with the Keepnet Labs product interface. Starting with the Dashboard, users can navigate through each section, such as Threat Intelligence, Awareness Educator, and beyond. This intuitive structure allows users to easily find relevant information and progress through the documentation in a logical manner.

How to get help with the documentation

Should you require assistance while using our documentation, we recommend carefully reading the instructions and guidelines provided. Following the outlined steps and best practices will help you derive the most value from the resources available. In case you need further support, our support team is available to address any specific queries or concerns you may have. Reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to assist you in making the most of our documentation and achieving your desired outcomes.
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