This documentation covers Whitelisting steps to use platform modules efficiently.
A whitelist is a list of items such as IP addresses, email addresses, and applications considered safe for an email or file to be sent from a source you trust on the internet without any restrictions on your server or security devices. It is necessary to whitelist platform IPs and Domains to avoid email deliverability issues when using the platform.
When you whitelist the IP addresses on your server and security solutions, it allows the phishing emails, training, and other emails you send via the platform to reach users' inboxes without being blocked by any sort of filters.
It is strongly advised that you send a test email to a group of users to ensure that whitelisting is successful.
Please remember that you should follow the same procedure if you use any email security solution.

IP Addresses and Domains to Allow

The IP address or PTR Domains are listed below for all customers to whitelist in the email server and security solutions.
SMTP IP Address
The instructions below will show you how to whitelist addresses on the most popular email services.



Q: Does whitelisting create a security weakness?

A: Whitelisted IP addresses and domains are owned by the platform, and only authorized users to able to send their own target users. For this reason, it will not create a security weakness for the institution.

Q: Can I do training assignments or phishing tests without whitelisting?

A: Yes, you can but definitely it’s not recommended! The best practice is to whitelist IPs and Domains before starting to assign Phishing tests or training.
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