Step 1: Create User Group

To send out simulation emails or any emails from the platform to the target users, you first need to create a User Group.

Step 1.

Using the left side banner, navigate to Companies > Target Users > Groups.

Step 2.

Click on the blue +New button at the top right hand side and give a name to your group. Once you're done, click Save.

Priority refers to which users / groups will be prioritised in receiving phishing campaigns and also our Incident Responder tool.

Phishing Campaigns: Target Users who are prioritized will receive emails first when emails are distributed

Incident Responder: Target Users who are prioritized will have actions performed in their inbox first. For example, prioritising C-Suite and Managers will ensure malicious emails are removed from their inbox first.

Suggested User Groups

When creating user groups, there are a couple we would recommend creating.

  1. All Users: We recommend having one group with all your target users in to make sending out company wide training or campaigns easy.

  2. Test Users: We suggest creating a small test user group for system users to run tests before sending out mass training and / or campaigns.

  3. Departments: You can do this manually or integrate with your Active Directory for automatic grouping by department.

✅ You have now added your first User Group. Now you need to Add your Target Users ➡️

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