Google Workspace (Gsuite)

You can integrate your Google Workspace environment with the Incident Responder product by following the steps below.

  • Log into using an account that has administrative permissions.

  • Click Select a project > New Project.

  • Click on the related new project.

  • On the left-side menu, go to APIs and Services > Library, search for Admin SDK API, and click Enable.

  • Return to the previous page and search for Gmail API, then click Enable to activate the API.

  • Select IAM & Admin > Service Accounts from the left-side menu.

  • Click Create Service Account, name it, and click Create and Continue.

  • Select Service Directory > Service Directory Admin as the role and click Continue > Done to complete the process.

  • After creating a service account, click on the related user and go to the user details page.

  • Go to the Keys tab, click Add Key > Create new key.

  • Select JSON as the key type and click Create. Save the JSON file.

  • Go to the Details tab and copy Unique ID information. Save this information for the next step.

Next, log in to

  • Go to Security > Access and data control > API controls on the left-side menu.

  • Scroll down to Domain-wide delegation and click Manage Domain-Wide Delegation.

  • Click Add New.

  • For Client ID, enter the Unique ID information that you saved earlier.

  • For OAuth Scopes, paste the scope information below:,,,,

  • Click Authorize to complete the process.

Test the Configuration

To make sure that the integration is working, you can test it on the platform. Go to Incident Responder > Mail Configurations on the left sidebar menu of the dashboard and then click + NEW and choose the mail provider - in this case, Google Workspace.Complete the following fields in the configuration table:


Name of the configuration

Credential JSON

Open the JSON file with a text editor and copy/paste all of the information

Test Email Address

An active email address to be used for testing purposes

Test Connection

Perform a test of the configuration

The new configuration will now appear in the list of mail configurations if the test was successful.

If an X appears, it indicates there was a problem and the email server integration failed; please review the instructions.

About Permissions

Application Programming Interface (API) Scopes

API scopes identify the information an application will be able to access on a user’s behalf.

Permissions Required by the Platform

Email (read/write/send) -

This permission allows the app access to emails in user mailboxes. Please note, it is only used to enable investigative searches; we do not create, read, edit, or send emails using this permission.

The platform uses this permission to scan and filter users' emails. For example, when the “From” filter is selected as a criterion for investigation, this authorization enables the creation of a list of the emails that meet the specified parameter. Other uses include regex and keyword searches.

This permission enables quick deletion of malicious content without compromising user privacy.

View Users on the Domain - /auth/

This permission allows the app to read data in the organization's user directory. The platform uses this access to retrieve a client's user list and their email addresses when an investigation has been initiated.

Email (Manage Labels) - /auth/gmail.labels

This permission allows the app to create, read, update, and delete labels. The platform uses this authority to mark emails in the user's inbox with a warning message when the client deems this appropriate. For example, after running an investigation, you may choose to warn the user rather than delete the email results.


Q: Can I start an investigation on Incident Responder without integrating Google Workspace?

A: No. In order to be able to start an investigation and take action on emails, integration with Google Workspace is required.

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