How to Deploy Add-In in Exchange Admin Center


In order to use the Phishing Reporter add-in in the Exchange environment, your platform must meet the following requirements.

  • Exchange 2013 - version (15.0.847.32) or above

  • Exchange 2016 - version ( or above

  • Exchange 2019

Deploy Add-in

To deploy the Phishing Reporter add-in, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to the Exchange Admin interface.

  • Go to Exchange Admin Center > Organization > Add-ins (called Apps in some versions)

  • Click the (+) button and select Add from file. Install the Phishing Reporter .xml file that you previously downloaded and click Next.

  • Make sure that these options are selected:

    • Make this add-in available to users in your organization

    • Mandatory is always enabled

    • Users can't disable this add-in.

  • Click Save to complete the process.

It may take up to 12 hours for the add-in to be displayed on users' email applications. Users may need to relaunch their email applications.

You have now deployed the Phishing Reporter. Next step is to Setup Incident Responder (only for customers who have purchased the Incident Responder or SOC package)

Video Tutorial

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