Step 1. Integrate Threat Intel Partners

By integrating Threat Intel partners you will automate identifying malicious emails. Each email reported through the Phishing Reporter add-in will automatically be analysed for malicious content via multiple integrations.

There are 2 steps to Integrating Threat Intel Partners:

  1. Create a new integration

  2. Follow relevant steps to install each threat intel partner

Creating New Integration

Navigate to Incident Responder > Integrations. Click the blue New button. You can find all our Threat Intel partners under Integration Type.

You can install free threat intel partners or if you already have subscriptions for paid versions, you can integrate these too! All links to install all free and paid for intel threat partners below

Free Intel Threat Partners

IMB X-Force

Google Safe Browsing

​​Zen SpamHaus​

​​Cyber X-ray


Paid Intel Threat Partners

​​Google Web Risk (first 100,000 analyses are free then paid for after this)




​​Virus Total​

Add as many Threat Intel Partners as you would like. The more you integrate, the more thorough your analysis of suspicious emails.

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