Manually Add Users

Note: by using this method, you will be responsible for adding new employees and removing leavers to maintain accurate reporting.

Step 1.

Navigate to Company > Target Users on the left hand side menu. Click the "+New" blue button.

Step 2.

Select Add users manually to add target users one by one. Alternatively, select Import from file to upload a CSV or XLS(x) file.

Top Tip: Download a CSV template by clicking Import from file and selecting 'Download Example Sheet'.

Step 3.

If uploading a file, choose the file on your system and click Next. Match the columns to the titles on the platform and click Next.

Top Tip: Select your User Group on this page to add target users from a file directly into a User Group. This would mean you can skip step 5 on this page!

Step 4.

Either pick the users you wish to add and click Import Selected, or click Import All to add all the users.

Step 5.

Add users to your User Group by navigating to Group. Click the 3 dots on the right hand side and select Add users to group. Select the people you want to add and then click Add Selected Users.

You have now added your first Target Users. Now you need to ensure users are able to receive emails from Keepnet successfully ➡️

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