Proxy Settings

This section explains the purpose and basic functions of proxy server settings. Go to Company > Company Settings > Proxy Settings to access all of the settings options described below.

Why Is A Proxy Needed?

A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet. The users or products depending on the organization’s policy must/may use the proxy server settings to access the internet connection or log the traffic.
The steps below explain how to define proxy server settings for the platform to access the internet or other networks.

How to Configure Proxy Settings

Go to Company > Company Settings > Proxy Settings from the main menu. Click on + NEW to create a proxy setting.
The elements of the proxy settings page are defined in the table below.
Proxy Setting Name
Name of the proxy rule
Proxy Address or IP
The proxy server address (hostname or IP address)
The port number of the proxy server.
Authentication Method
Select a proxy connection method: Transparent: No user authentication is required. Basic: User authentication is required.
Make Default Proxy Setting
If it’s selected, the new settings that will be created in the platform will have a default proxy setting automatically.
Test Connection
Confirm if the proxy settings work correctly.

Use Cases of Proxy

Incident Responder Integration

The layer of security provided by your defined proxy settings can easily be integrated with the Incident Responder module’s integrations.
  • Go to Incident Responder > Integrations.
  • Select the Proxy field in the edit menu.
  • Select the Proxy setting to be applied.
If you do not want to use a proxy, choose the No Proxy option. If you want to use the default system proxy settings, select the Default Proxy option.


Q: Can I use my own proxy server in a Cloud version of the platform?

A: Yes. You can configure your own proxy settings to enable access to many of the platform features; however, the internet IP address and Port information of your proxy server must be defined to allow access by the platform.

Q: Can I use my own proxy server in an On-Premise version of the platform?

A: Yes. You can use your own proxy settings to give internet access and record the platform's internet traffic.