Awareness Educator

This section provides a brief description of the Awareness Educator module and other documents that will guide the admins to use the module more effectively.
Awareness Educator is a cybersecurity defense tool that improves the security awareness of an organization and its employees. Using Awareness Educator improves its resilience against hackers to launch and execute fraudulent campaigns with potential malicious threats such as phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, baiting and ransomware.



Q: What is the 'You have exceeded available time' prompt message that target users see while they watch the training?

A: There is timeout information that is embedded in the scorm file. According to this information, when the training timeout, an alert is displayed on the screen. The target user may click the 'OK' button to continue to training.

Q: Emails do not arrive to the target users

A: The delivery status can be checked on Sending Report menu in the training report to see if the emails have been delivered successfully to the users. If the emails are successfully delivered, please check your whitelisting settings.