Awareness Educator

Education Components

On-Demand & Automated: Through integration with the Phishing Simulation module, users who get caught get educated. This ensures the identified vulnerability is immediately dealt with to reduce the potential for future risk.

Scheduled: The Awareness Educator module also enables you to create long-term, proactive training and awareness programmes through scheduling. We also provide offline resources, such as tip sheets, posters, screensavers, etc., to support the training themes throughout the year.

Trackable & Quantified: All participation and performance in the Awareness Educator module are tracked and quantified, giving you a powerful interface to identify the weak links in your organisation.

Monitor Improvement: The Keepnet platform gives you visibility on your collective cyber-awareness over time, turning your level of organisational preparedness into a key performance indicator which can be monitored, improved and incentivised.

Granular Delivery: The Keepnet platform allows you to design and deliver your cyber-security training to individuals, small groups, departments or the entire organisation and track the results with the same level of granularity.

Cutting Edge Content: We have a range of content styles to train your users effectively including immersive serious games and apps to deliver educational content in an engaging style.

Different Form of Educational Components

Keepnet Labs has different forms of education components such as HTML5 presentations, gamification, animated videos, posters, tip&sheets, computer screensavers, weekly cybersecurity briefings, surveys and exams.

Keepnet Labs Awareness Educati Module

One of the primary reason for the shift to HTML5 eLearning authoring tools is the massive usage of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. As HTML5 is supported on a wide range of platforms and browsers, users are able to take their eLearning courses with them, rather than having to be tied to a computer, as well as when the users are not connected to the Internet, It is also possible for offline data management.

Some Examples of Powerpoint Training / HTML5 based interactive trainings

  • Ransomware Attacks

  • Cyber Safety

  • Phishing Attacks

  • Online Game Playing

  • Data Security & Data Destruction

  • Online Security

  • Bots And Botnet

  • Email Test Simulator (ETS)

  • Travelling Security

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Password Security

  • Physical Security

  • Network Security

  • Protecting Your Kids Online

  • Social Engineering

  • Social Networking

  • Wi-fi Security