White Labelling

What is white labelling?

White labelling is the process of the rebranding of a product or service produced by us (the producer) that other companies (the reseller) to make it seem as if they had made the solutions.
For instance, if an X company can rebrand our every technology under the X brand. Various companies around the globe are already providing their products by rebranding under a different label.

Why is White labelling important?

  • White labelling is an important strategy to boost your distribution.
  • The white labelled products require less support from your associates, and the implementation of the products is much quicker.
  • It is possible to establish your own brand on white labelled products as well as create stronger relations with customers.
  • White labelling promotes your brand’s visibility on the market.
  • White labelling reduces the commercial risk and allows you to test the market with a proven solution.

White Labelling Settings

Our interface allows you to customize your own brand. For these settings, sign in to the platform and follow Advanced Settings>White Labelling Settings. Then, set your white labelling settings.
Figure 1. White Labelling Settings
  • Brand Name: All fields in the interface will have the brand name you type here.
  • LMS URL: The address is used for the Serious Games interface. Your hostname or domain must have a CNAME record that points to lms.keepnetlabs.com.
  • Powered by: The name to be added to the Powered by on the footer. Like “Powered by Keepnet Labs”.
  • Main Site Domain: The domain used for the management interface. Your hostname or domain must have a CNAME record that points to dashboard.keepnetlabs.com. If you have a Reseller account and you want to customise this setting for a customer, please contact us to receive a unique custom URL.
  • Menu Logo: Your logo that appears in the interface.
  • Logo for Notification templates: The logo to be used in Notification templates. Suggested file format and size is 518px x 145px.
  • Icon of Training: You can change the logo in the email for training assignments. Suggested file format and size is 160px x 160px.
If you want to have an HTTPS connection (strongly recommended), you will need an SSL certificate. Please contact us for assistance at [email protected]
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