Notification Templates
Notifications are a way to let end-users know about a specific issue that is worth their attention. There are several system notifications that companies can use or customise for their own usage.
To use the existing notification or customise them or create a new notification template, go to Advanced Settings> Notification Templates.
Notification Templates
Select a notification category to customise; see the screenshot below.
Selecting Notification Template Category
After deciding on the template, click on the Edit icon to configure it. See the screenshot below.
Editing the Notification Template
Then customise the notification message template and click on the Save button. Once you have clicked on Save, the template will be saved as a custom notification template.
Customising Notification Email
Note: If an organization has customised templates, the system automatically uses them instead of the platform's system templates.
If you want to create a new template, click on the New Notification Template.
Creating a New Notification Template
Then, fill in the required fields and configure your own template. Once you have saved it, it will be saved as your custom notification template.
Creating a New Notification Template
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