Why Keepnet Labs?

Our Approach

Keepnet Labs uses threat simulation and threat intelligence to unleash real risks that affect users for the “first-line-of-defence technology”, which is against email-origin malware — especially phishing attacks — and allows them to take preventive action against threats.

When technology investments are inadequate to counteract cyber attacks, the human factor is considered the most effective means of security and data defence. With phishing simulation, online training and incident response features, Keepnet Labs transforms users into proactive agents who can actively identify and fight against cyber attacks.

Because cyber attacks are carried out with human intelligence, combating it with human intelligence is the most realistic solution.

Firms divided into dozens of departments generate difficulties; the problems of integrating separate departments lead to a delay in cyber attacks awareness and blocking.

It’s difficult for organisations to measure the real benefits of investing in human-based cybersecurity — and as long as there isn’t any damage — firms fall into an artificial sense of confidence.

Keepnet Labs fixes these issues with the “process solution”, which enables companies to their own security processes and execute them — as well as create real-time development charts, monitor compliance with standards and live this life cycle.