What is Whitelisting?

A whitelist is a list of IP addresses, email addresses, or domain names from which an antispam will allow messages to be received. With whitelisting, you get privileges to bypass email blocking programs or spam filters that prevent most unsolicited email messages (spam) from appearing in subscriber inboxes.

Why is Whitelisting Important?

Whitelisting is an important component of the Phishing Simulator and Awareness Educator to deliver phishing campaigns and to prevent these campaigns from being blocked or filtered by your spam filters.

Hence, before launching your phishing campaign, you must whitelist our IP address and the Domains to guarantee your phishing campaigns gets into your users’ inbox.

The team manages your organization’s antispam, content filter or web proxies, and other network security appliances that should be included in the whitelisting process. This guide helps this team to whitelist for your program to be successful with the information it contains.

Once the whitelisting process has been completed, you will need to do some testing to see if everything is working fine.