Advanced Reporting


Keepnet's Advanced Reporting renders actionable statistics and understanding about the usefulness and effectiveness of your cybersecurity campaigns and their outputs.

Advanced Reporting helps users to get a report in a particular way. Follow Report Manager>Advanced Reporting path to get a report like Company Reports, Phishing Reports, Training Reports and System Reports. Here, you can create over 50 varying styles of reports to meet the needs of your business. These reports will assist you in getting weak points in your company and fix them.

Advanced Reporting option helps you to generate reports spontaneously with a chart, line graph, etc., depending on the type of data that is included. You can download each report as a PDF or CSV.

‌View a quick video overview of this feature here.

Generating a report

Follow Report Manager>Advanced Reporting path to see the type of report you’d like to create, then click one of the types to create your custom report.

Figure 1. Advanced Reporting



Company Reports

Detailed reports on all activities of a company. These activities are related to the results of the modules Keepnet presents.

Phishing Reports

Detailed reports on all company activities on Phishing campaigns

Training Report

Detailed reports on all company activities on Training campaigns

In order to create a report on Company Reports, for instance, click on it, and you will see options to create different types of reports. Click through various report types and select the report you'd like to create. See the below Report list under Company Reports.

Figure 2. Company Reports

Downloading a report

You can generate reports with PDF or CSV, i.e. to create a report on company awareness, click Awareness Report and select date range to include activities on Phishing campaigns and/or Training campaigns. Then click Generate to download it. Review the screenshot below.

Figure 3. Downloading Awareness Report

Sample Reports

You can find some report examples that you can generate here.

Q1. How may I get a detailed report on the last phishing campaigns?

This request will list the Phishing campaign results to give you an insight into the effectiveness of Phishing tests processes. Click on Awareness Report and the Phishing Campaign for Report tab; you can choose different campaigns and generate a detailed report.

Detailed report on the last phishing campaigns

Q2. Can I get a detailed report on the cyber incidents of my company?

With this request, you will see the suspicious emails reported by your company users, their analysis and containment process.

Incident Response Report

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