In the Company section, you have a number of options like configuring your company or sub-company settings or adding a new company the system or a new user to your company or sub-/companies.

Company List

In the Company List, you will see your own company and the other companies registered under your brand (your sub-companies).

Company List

You can edit, add new user to a specific company under your brand, and track the logs under Action tab. See the highlighted area in the screenshot below.

Editing, Adding a New User to the Company, or Tracking the Logs

New Company

You can also add a new company under your brand. Go to Company > New Company and fill in the related fields.

Adding a New Company




The admin name of the sub-company


The admin surname of the sub-company


The admin email of the sub-company

Phone Number

The admin phone number of the sub-company

License expire date

The expiry date of product usage

Company logo

You can add the company logo here. The aspect ratio logos are automatically adjusted. However, for the best results, the logo size must be 170px x 61px.

Company Name

The name of the sub-company.

Site URL

Web page URL of the sub-company


The address of sub-company


The country of the sub-company


The industry that sub-company belongs


License information of the sub-company. Note that each email corresponds to one license.

System Users

System users are the Admins that manage Dashboard. To add a new system user or edit the existing ones Go to Company> System Users.

To edit an existing system user, for instance, find out the relevant user on the system users list and click the Edit icon - see screenshot below.

Figure 1. Editing a System User

Then, you can edit the user like in the screenshot below. You can change his name, phone number, status (if you choose Passive, he will not able to use Dashboard), and his role.

Figure 2. Editing a System User

Set Two- Factor Authentication (2FA) for System User

2FA is an additional authentication mechanism and a layer of security applied to ensure that access to the Platform is allowed only after two pieces of evidence are provided.

To activate 2FA, tick the Two Step Activation box, and select your activation type and click on the Save button.

Figure 2.1. Activating 2FA

Target Users

Target Users are your target group that is to take phishing simulation campaigns or cyber security training emails. To see how to create a new target group click here.

SMTP Setting List

To use Dashboard efficiently, you have to configure your SMTP settings. Click here to see how to configure it.