Technical Guide


In Keepnet Labs management panel, you can use Support tool to get help on how to use Keepnet Labs services effectively. Its icon is located on the far right side of the management panel page.


When you click on this icon, you can see many different options such as tour, documentation, help, other resources, visual/video tutorial, feedback options.

Figure 2. Support tool features
  • Tour: With this option, it is practical to observe all details of Keepnet. You can start a tour to see our solutions and services.

  • Documentation: You can reach the document on Keepnet Labs like User Manuel.

  • Get Help: This button redirects you to the support team of Keepnet Labs.

  • Other Resources: The other resources those make it easier to boost the security awareness program.

  • Video Tutorial: With this button, you can view a video tutorial about to the start a quick phishing simulation.

  • Feedback: You can give feedback on Keepnet Labs solutions and help for later the developments.