Benefits of Phishing Incident Responder
The traditional protection methods are inadequate. However, this technology offers the most effective cyber attack detection and defence services with multiple defence mechanisms, to protect you against ransomware, spear-phishing and 0-day exploitation attacks targeting your email.

Benefits to the security operation centre (SOC):

  • Cost-Effective: With built-in integrated services, you do not need to invest in any other anti-malware sandbox and anti-exploitation solutions.
  • It will reduce the effort that you spend to analyse malicious emails for hours.
  • Suspicious emails can be deleted from the user’s inbox with information received from the command centre.
  • It detects a suspicious email in users’ inbox.
  • If the existing security measures are inadequate for analysis, detection and prevention, it gives the occasion to benefit from Platform's analysis service.
  • It provides more effective security measures with integration with third-party systems (SIEM, Firewall, DLP etc.)

Benefits to an email user:

  • It protects a user before he/she becomes a victim of a phishing attack.
  • It allows the analysis result to be reported to the user.
  • It protects the user from sophisticated attacks, such as typosquatting
  • It gives artificial intelligence support to the email box, minimizing the user’s mistake. For example, it prevents confidential data from being delivered to the wrong addresses.
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