Q: There are users who have quit their job. How can I report them?

A: The Keepnet portal can automatically match user accounts with LDAP queries from the Active Directory server. Once you have made this definition, if a user account is disabled or deleted in Active Directory, you will be able to view these details as described in Scenario 6

Q: Some users have the add-in enabled, but they seem offline on the interface. Why?

A: If the add-in is installed and active, but seems Offline, then the Outlook application is closed. If Outlook is still running, but it is still Offline, it means that there is a communication problem between the add-in and the server. You can easily detect this problem from the logs created by the add-in on the user's computer or get support from our support team.

Q: How do I know if the add-in is disabled by the user or by Outlook?

A: If you see the “Deactivated" notification, then it is disabled by the user. If it says “Disabled", it means that it is disabled by Outlook. You can verify this from the interface of Outlook Desktop in the File> Options> Add-Ins window.

Q: How do I report add-in details to different teams?

A: Using the “Schedule Report” feature, you can send user details to any email address at specific times.

Q: Can I have different teams log into the Keepnet Portal and see only the Outlook detail report page?

A: With the “User Role Management” feature, you can authorise any user.