Interpretation of ETS Report
The report interface contains all the details of the simulation result. Suggestions for findings and references contain guiding details for you to develop solutions.
Successful attacks are reported as “failed”, which is a problem that you are affected by and should be resolved
Failed attacks are reported as “pass”. This indicates that you are not affected by such attacks.
The summary of the results is listed as follows.
The list of Email Threat Simulation Results
Secure: Malicious email samples are failed to bypass your security solutions and get to your inbox. You're safe!
Insecure: Malicious email samples are able to bypass your security solutions and get to your inbox. You're not safe!
Unchecked: When the integration is not made to get the sent email samples status, then information is not available.

Scorecards and Development Chart

The platform's ETS gives scores from A to F according to the results. The calculation of these points is as follows;
  • A=90-100
  • B=80-90
  • C=60-80
  • D=40-60
  • F=0-40
And the score tables point out:
  • Score: The score calculated according to the average of Phishing, Vulnerability, CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) scores.
  • Phishing Score: The score you have calculated according to what you have received from Our Phishing simulator.
  • Vulnerability Score: The score is created based on the results of the weakness scan.
  • CTI Score: The percentage of points awarded by the cyber intelligence services.
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Email Threat Simulation Scorecard
Email Threat Simulation Scorecard
The last 7 scan results provide visuals to report for your progress. You can see your progress based on Passed, Failed and Unchecked output.

Getting Help

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.
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